Foreign Policy

The Green Party supports democracy and self-determination worldwide and promotes ending the U.S. practice of economic and political colonialism. U.S. foreign policy should emphasize promoting other nations’ self-sufficiency and self-determination, rather than ensuring security for overseas U.S. multinational corporate interests through the expansion and retention of military bases. International business practices have taken advantage of […]

Universal Health Care

Health care is a human right. California needs a publicly funded and administered, equitable, universal, guaranteed Single Payer health care system for all. Every person has the right to quality, equitable, efficient, and accessible health care, confidentiality of medical data and records, and the right to own and control any information or materials derived from […]

Left Unity Strategy Pays Off for California’s Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party

June 10, 2022, Sacramento, CA – California’s Green Party and Peace and Freedom Party are pointing to major electoral advances after Tuesday’s primary election that ensured both parties ballot status until 2026 – they credit historic cooperation between the two parties in creating the first-ever “Left Unity Slate” of statewide candidates that resulted in significantly […]