Membership and Outreach Committee

The Membership and Outreach Committee is charged with supporting County Organizations, membership development, and organizing outreach and events, including to: Develop and promote resources in support of growing active County Organizations and to assist the activation of new County Organizations by providing education, training and resources for outreach and events. Coordinate County Organizations into statewide […]

Candidates Committee

The Candidates Committee is charged with facilitating the electoral work of the GPCA related to candidates and elections, including to: Develop and implement a GPCA electoral strategy for candidates and elections including to identify key campaigns for elected office. Identify, recruit, educate, train and support credible Green candidates who uphold Party values, vet requests for […]


Table of Contents (as last amended by the GPCA Standing General Assembly July 9, 2022) Article 1. Name Section 8-1. Duties and Authority Article 2. Purpose Section 8-2. Membership Article 3. Membership Section 8-3. Meetings Section 3-1. Members Section 8-4. Elections Section 3-2. Decision-Making Article 9. Other Committees Article 4. Structure Section 9-1. Membership Section […]