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Below are Green Party Endorsements from past Elections.

Recommendations for the November 8th, 2022 Election

The Green Party of Sonoma County endorses
Stephen Zollman for Sebastopol City Council

Stephen Zollman

Veronica Jacobi for Santa Rosa City Council District 6

Veronica Jacobi


Prop 1 — YES 
(Provides a state constitutional right to reproductive freedom.) 
Prop 26 — GPSC is not taking a position (Legalizes sports betting at Indian gaming casinos & racetracks)  
Prop 27 — NO (Legalizes online and mobile sports betting)
Prop 28 — YES (Requires funding for K-12 art and music education)  
Prop 29 — YES (On-site medical professional at kidney dialysis clinics)  
Prop 30 — NO (Taxes wealthy but misspends on CalFire and electric car subsidies)
Prop 31 — YES (Upholds the ban on flavored tobacco sales)

Candidates for the PRIMARY ELECTION June 7, 2022
In a historic decision, the Green Party of California has joined with the Peace and Freedom Party to endorse a joint Left Unity Slate of seven statewide candidates for the upcoming June 2022 election. In addition to advancing our shared values, this cooperative strategy increases the likelihood that both parties will reach 2% of the vote in at least one statewide race, which is a minimum threshold needed to retain ballot status.
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For the June 7th Sonoma County elections, we endorse:

Carl Tennenbaum
for Sonoma County Sheriff

Brad Coscarelli
for Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools

Blake Hooper
for Supervisor in District 2

Where to Vote in the June 7 Statewide Direct Primary Election

Visit the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters website

See an Interactive Map of Voting Locations

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